UpWork Online Article Writing and Blogging Test (UK Version) Question and Answers

Online Article Writing and Blogging Test (UK Version) UpWork Answers

1. The removal of the copyright tag-line means the work is no longer protected by copyright.
  1. True
  2. False
2. What are “Google alerts”?
  1. A ringtone from Google
  2. A doorbell as a prize for being a loyal Google customer
  3. Pinging of your website by Google every time you use Yahoo and MSN instead of using Google
  4. A system where Google e-mails you the results of your pre-arranged search terms on a regular basis to stir your thoughts about writing blog content
3. Why is it damaging not to have functional links on your website?
  1. You cannot prevent people from reaching the destination without doing so
  2. It could damage your brand reputation; people do not want to see a “page not found” result
  3. A person is less likely to return to your site as a repeat visitor if the links do not work
  4. b and c
4. Fooling the search engines with link farms, keyword stuffing, cloaking or alt text spamming is not a good idea because _____________________ .
  1. it is an offence in most countries
  2. the search engines may restrict your site or future listings, or ban you altogether
  3. it could reduce the traffic to your blog
  4. All of the above
5. Can you sell your copyright?
  1. Yes, by licensing it according to territory and time<
  2. No, it remains yours always
  3. Yes, but only in certain places, and for lengths of time up to 140 years after your death
  4. Yes, so long as someone changes his/her name to your name
6. Blog comments show up in Google searches in addition to the blog posts.
  1. True
  2. False
7. How long does an author’s copyright – whether in print or online – last?
  1. Until he/she dies
  2. Forever
  3. For 5 years after the publication
  4. For 40 years after he/she dies
  5. For 70 years after he/she dies
8. Why is it important to make regular postings – if not daily postings – to your blog?
  1. To encourage a regular readership and return traffic so web robots may be able to see your blog is regularly active
  2. Not making regular postings can be harmful to your blog
  3. If you do not, it will be unplugged by the blog service provider
  4. None of the above
9. If you’re writing an article about the automotive industry, which of the following would be the best way of promoting your article?
  1. Adding internal links within your blog that cross-reference the article
  2. Adding highly specific keywords to your pages that reference aspects of the automotive industry
  3. Contacting other automotive industry blogs and websites offering a link-exchange
  4. All of the above
10. If you write something libellous in a blog, you can still be sued for defamation despite the apparent freedom of expression on the internet.
  1. True
  2. False
11. What does “‘ping’ your blog” mean?
  1. To abandon it
  2. To create it from scratch
  3. To let someone know about it so they can contribute, either with postings or comments
  4. An alert that notifies the original poster of a post when someone else writes an entry concerning the original post
12. At what point does a work – whether an online blog or in print – come under copyright?
  1. As soon as it is published
  2. As soon as the author registers the copyright
  3. As soon as the author writes “Copyright”and his/her name and date next to it
  4. As soon as it is created
13. What are the websites “cheathouse.com” and “schoolsucks.com”?
  1. Sites where teachers can obtain their students’ papers in an educational exchange programme?
  2. Websites dedicated to stopping plagiarism on the web
  3. Websites where students can obtain papers to wrongfully use as their own, often for free
  4. A community of online papers backed by most US and UK school programmes
14. What is a “metablog”?
  1. A highly personal, if not confessional, blog
  2. A blog about metal
  3. A blog devoted to explaining “metas”
  4. A blog about blogging
15. Why is it sometimes a good idea to create a blog independently with a host other than a free blog hosting service such as the Blogger?
  1. You can add more intelligent interactivity such as widgets, site design, custom URLs etc
  2. You can then have two blogs and disconnect your old one
  3. You will be able to keep the old free service
  4. You will automatically get more traffic
16. In terms of keywords for promoting a website about global money, which of the following groups would be the best choice?
  1. Football, shopping, racing, gardening
  2. 10c, 5c, dollar, 50c, quarter
  3. The World Bank, the Olympics, the US government, the UEFA Cup
  4. Dollar, yen, pound sterling, exchange rate
17. What is “podcasting”?
  1. Making the entire blog available in a single downloadable file
  2. Redirecting traffic through a portal hidden on the blog called a “pod”
  3. Distribution of audio and other media files for download to digital music or multimedia players such as iPods
  4. Mass e-mailing for marketing purposes to promote several blogs at the same time

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