All Google Adwords Certification Questions and Answers

You are setting up a Display Campaign for a client. What is the first thing you should take into account?
What type of bidding model do reservation ads use?
What is the best bidding model to increase reach and visibility?
Which bidding model allows advertisers to pay by the conversion?
True or False, you can use a strobe background in your Display Network ads.

True or False: You can incorporate an error message or warning box in your image ad.
What aspect of an ad would help set expectations for users in different stages of the buying cycle?
When would you pay for a TrueView in-search advertisement?
Should you use a Call to Action in the opening image of a click-to-play video?
True or False: You can utilize pre-existing design templates with the Google Display Ad Builder tool.
What is one reason to consider different messages in your video ads than in your text/search ads?
True or False: You can use Print Ads through a Display Network campaign.
True or False: You can use Pop-Up ads on the Google Display Network.
Why should you include a text ad in your Display Network campaign, even if you want to focus on image/video?
True or False: YouTube search page ads are available through AdWords.
True or False: YouTube watch page ads are available through AdWords.
True or False: YouTube homepage ads are available through AdWords.
For direct response marketing, which is the ideal bidding model?
Where are ads using images and videos shown?
True or False: Using a color scheme that complements the image and branding on your site is recommended when using the Display Ad Builder.
Will all of your performance metrics be lost if you edit an ad with an ad extension, if you are using Enhanced Campaigns?
True or False: Topic Targeting is likely to ensure ads are contextually relevant to the sites they appear on.
Can you track the Mouseover Rate on ads built with the Display Ad Builder?
Can you use Frequency Capping on the Search Network?
True or False: You can set individual bids for sites you select for Managed Placements advertisements.
What will Frequency Capping do?
How can you optimize your CPC-based campaign?
What is the payment model for a YouTube homepage masthead advertisement?
What would you use to target relevant sites on the Display Network based on a list of keywords?
Using AdWords, can you target mobile apps?
Can your video mimic functions that an ad can not perform?